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Welcome to PSMA - Provision & Sundries Merchants Association

Since it’s foundation in 1930, Provision & Sundries Merchants Association has adhered to its cardinal principle of honesty. It works for the benefits of its members as well as helps foster harmonious relationship, exchange financial expertise and resolve disputes peacefully between fellow traders.

About PSMA

Today's Fast-changing & Competitive World

In order to keep in time with the massive changes of today and tomorrow’s world, the Association has to lead our members to adjust their strategies in order to secure a firm foothold in this fast-changing and competitive business world.

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Members’ Directory

View and reach out to the members of the Provision & Sundries Merchants Association.

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Association Constitution

Rules of the Provision & Sundries Merchants Association.

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The More We Get Together

Live, Love, Laugh. Aside from working together in business, we also spend time doing community work and we travel together. The bond we foster over the years has been awesome.

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Our Pioneer

  • Meeting - 1951

4 Association

  • Giving Back - 2010


  • Vacation - 2013


  • Vacation - 2014


  • Vacation - 2015

Moscow - Russia Tour

  • Vacation - 2016


蔡其生,新加坡中华总商会 会长(2015)


吴衍彬, 欧美杂货食品商务局 主席(2015-2016)


汪家裕,欧美杂货食品商务局85周年纪念筹备委员会 主席